Convincing yourself doesn’t make it real

Do you remember the time when something was so crappy? But you really wanted it to work, and so convinced yourself that this was a great adventure and kept saying to yourself over and over “this is great! this is new, this has got to be amazing”, and years later you think to yourself – it really did suck, and realize that your denial prolonged the obvious pain of the wrong direction your life was taking.

Remember the time when you moved to a new city, with no friends and thought this is gonna be great, its a new start, and it just sucked all the way through, and any new relationships you made felt kind of half-real, half-fake, but because you dont really want to be anti social, you went with it,and went to parties, and “networking events” and hated it, felt awful but couldnt recognize why everyone else was able to do this, yet it felt so fundamentally revolting to you.

Times like these are when I realize that growing up is good, figuring out who you are is good, and the earlier you hone those skills, the easier it is to recognize that hey, this is screwed up, this isnt me at all, and learn to listen to the voice that says this doesnt feel right.

The ultimate struggle of an introvert is to recognize how much of an extrovert you really want to become.

Pt.Reyes, California Coast

Pt.Reyes, California Coast


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