Individual Money Matters

There might be such a thing as too practical.


Late night beach walk in Pacifica, CA

Growing up, I never thought much about money. But once I started to earn my own, I began to realize that I was much more conservative with it than people around me. Most people began to get better looking apartments, better clothes and such, but I was just the hoarder.

Then I met my husband, he was a freely spending, stubborn, very charming guy. He told me that we ought to be living the life we want, spending where we need to – in order to accomplish bigger things, we should stop doing little things like clean up or cooking etc. Trust me when I say, I don’t necessarily “like” cleaning or cooking but had come to accept it as something that needs to be done. Because of this I expected my husband to pitch in his share of the effort in these mundane tasks. He turned around and convinced me that we both shouldn’t do it, and thus we lost a lot of money eating out and I just never understood how some people ran their homes so seamlessly – when I struggled to keep any sense of normalcy. My husband once paid an in-ordinate sum of money for a “life-coaching” session with some crack-head, that he put on a credit-card no less. We have since cleaned up, and cleaned up well.

All this to say – that I am intuitively a conservative spender, and going back to that, felt normal, felt real.

But there are those times, when you want to be like the others, free-spending, not thinking about the costs associated with fun, before having fun.


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