Neighborly Dog Owner

I have lived in my share of dingy apartments, with shady characters moving around during the night, and marijuana smells wafting through the windows, and an occasional fight breaking out between guy and girl which I find almost exciting to be a part of, from across the thin walls.

My neighbors, usually are, in my head, drug dealers, college students engaging in prostitution to make money, or attack dog trainers.

In the mornings when I stumble down the stairs to take my dog for a walk in the chill, I see the occasional dog owner, you know, picking up dog poop, the usual. As we try to navigate the art of sleep walking, the occasional cheery dog owner comes along, wanting to talk, urgh. “Whats her name?” “How long have you had her?”

My non brushed teeth, and drool rimmed lips do not want to talk to you.

Mumble, muble. Tug dog leash and head in opposite direction.

Plop dog poop in trash can, and start off the day with the neighbors dog barking in your direction.

A dog picture, for having read this post.


Nothing is more exciting to her than smells of dog bums.


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