Today I had an epiphany.


One where you curse yourself for not realizing or acting upon this sooner.

So what did I realize?

I realized I will never be like other people. Never. Like N.E.V.E.R

I wont be ever be the girl who is “the life of the party”, I will never post things like “muah, love you <somebody’s name> xoxoxo” who I barely know.

I wont ever be the “popular girl”

This is big for me. I always craved the popularity, i knew I didn’t have the social skills to be the popular girl but I wanted it bad. Instead what I saw happening was I would stick around with the popular girl, and the popular girl liked me because I was honest and real, unlike most of the friends wafting in and out of her life.

As I grew up, though, I figured I am going to make my own definition of popularity – one that doesnt feel “fake” or “forced”. Where I define the rules, the creativity, and if that ultimately makes me popular, then I will take it, if not it wasn’t going to happen anyway. My one-liner take-away is:

Don’t try to force a square peg into a round hole, it just might get stuck in place.


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